Quick and Scalable Internet of Things

Build an IoT product that is pre-connected to a Cloud and off the shelf Apps. Make it fast and scaleable using our technologies.

Whether its GSM,RF or WiFi our suite of hardware and software allows you to build a solution perfect to your needs


Build Your IoT Product in Minutes, not Months

Our Stack is designed with modular hardware and turnkey ready to integrate software that helps you setup your IoT architecture in a quick manner.

Reliable Communication Infrastructure with variety of connectivity options

We offer GSM, RF and WiFi connectivity that can be built exclusive or complimentary according to your network requirements. Our platform provides the latest communications protocols that offers secure and robust communications that ensures no data is lost.

Scalable Architecture and pre-certified hardware

Scale to millions without worrying about certification issues.Our architecture is constantly tested and updated to comply with the highest quality standards.You don't need to worry about more users crashing your system and your marketing teams can focus on increasing your customer base.

Pre-integrated Pillars.

Your hardware, cloud and apps are pre-integrated to each other. Offering seamless connectivity for your products. Just tweak UI for customers and you are ready .Moreover with a variety of security protocols to choose from you can easily adopt the best solutions for your customers

Surilli Debugger

Issues are everywhere. Debug your hardware anytime anywhere. See data on serial monitor in real time.

Surilli Remote IDE

Resolve bugs quickly. Your devices are always with you even after deployment. Program them over-the-air (FoTA) using the Surilli Remote IDE.