Hi There!

Surilli Relay shield is a hardware add-on that is compatible with all Surilli devices. It is equipped with two 10A relays, from which you can switch two high voltage electrical appliances simultaneously.

The Setting up is very simple. You just must know a couple of very basic things and you are good to go.



The pinouts are same as that of any other Surilli Development board. The Relay shield gets stacked on any Surilli development board, as shown in the picture above.

Relay Control Pins

There are two additional pins on the Surilli Relay shield as shown in the picture below. These pins control the relays (one pin for each relay). You can provide the control signal from Surilli development board on to these pins for switching purposes.

Connect this pin to any GPIO (GPIO from which you want to do switching from) of Surilli development board using simple connecting wires as shown in the picture and you’re done.

Relay Output

This is where you are going to connect your electric load of the respective relay you’re switching.

Have Fun!