Hi There!

Say Hi to Surilli Cloud! A ready-made cloud service with device and project management console for Surilli hardware.

Hello and welcome back with another tutorial on surilli.io IOT product development platform. Today we will be getting hands on experience with Surilli Cloud, a generic cloud service for all Surilli hardware devices to communicate with their software applications.


In this tutorial we will get started with Surilli Cloud, make a project, add a device into our project and start sending Hello messages to our cloud and visualize it in our cloud console.

We will be discussing other things in detail later in the tutorial. So for now let's get started.

STEP 1: Setting-Up Surilli Cloud

Just follow all the picture steps below.

We need to register an account with our Surilli Cloud first.

1. Register

Hit Register and move to next step (1.1)
Fill all the data fields and click "Register" (1.2)

Start following this link: Surilli Cloud Link

2. Account verification:

Now we need to verify our account. An email will be sent to your email id from which you have created the account. Click on the link that has been sent to you and it will redirect you to a web-page. Now your account has been verified.

NOTE: You can not login if your account has not been verified.

3. Login to Surilli Cloud:

Now log in to the Surilli cloud and keep following the steps

Login with a verified account (3.1)
Go to "Projects" Tab (3.2)
Add a new Project (3.3)
Give your Project Name and Description (3.4)
Your new Project will show up as shown in the picture above (3.5)

Now you have to add devices into your project. This is where the magic

Click on little boxes to open the Project (3.6)

The step below is important. You have to give permission to the webpage to access your webcam. Webcam will be used to read the QR code given on the back of your device box.

Give permission to access webcam as above. This might vary depending upon your web brower (3.7)
Now click on "Add Device" (3.8)
Scan your code on to your webcam (3.9)
Give Name to your Device. Rest of the fields should fill up automatically when you scan the QR code on the back of your Surilli device box. (3.10)

Hit "Create" once all the fields are filled.

Note: If your webcam doesn't turn on in the dialog box, this is because you haven't given permissions to webcam.

Once the QR code has been scanned and device added, it will start to show up as shown above (3.11)
Click on the "Events" tab and this page will open (3.12)

STEP 2: Setting up Surilli:

Setup your Surilli Device (Connect the battery and Antenna if you are using Surilli GSM).

Make sure you have selected the right Port and Boards.

Now that the cloud is ready and can show data being sent from our Surilli device, we will program our Surilli through Arduino IDE as shown in the Figure Steps below.

Launch Arduino IDE and open Surilli Cloud GSM/WiFi example.

For GSM: File > Examples > SurilliCloudGSM > SurilliCloudGSMSend

For WiFi: File > Example > SurilliCloudWiFi > SurilliCloudWiFiSend

Open this Example


Just change the APN name to your operator name


Enter name of WiFi access point and password. The WiFi from which you want to connect.

After all this is done, Just hit upload sketch.

STEP 3: Last Steps:

Its all done. Hello messages will start to appear on your Cloud Console as shown in the picture below.

Messages appearing on your cloud console.


Similarly, you can add as many devices as you want into a single project. Just scan the QR code and then use our cloud library to publish data on to our Surilli cloud console!

That's it. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us :)